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Mardome Ultra Rooflight

Mardome Ultra

A highly stylish range of Mardome dome rooflights.  The sleek aluminium frame hides all the fixings and can be powder coated to any standard RAL colour. This dome has a secret lock system, making it a maximum security rooflight.


  • Extensive range of sizes
  • Contemporary styling
  • Part L compliant
  • Range of opening, ventilation, glazing and kerb options
  • Maximum security
  • 10 year warranty

ideal for

  • Open plan living
  • Contemporary spaces
  • Kitchens
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms



Please refer to the fixing instructions supplied with each Mardome rooflight or contact our Technical Department for guidance.


Standard Dome Sizes
450 x 450 1050 x 600 1350 x 1050 1650 x 1050
600 x 600 1050 x 750 1350 x 1350 1650 x 1650
750 x 600 1050 x 1050 1500 x 600 1800 x 600
750 x 750 1200 x 600 1500 x 900 1800 x 900
900 x 600 1200 x 900 1500 x 1050 1800 x 1200
900 x 750 1200 x 1200 1500 x 1200 1800 x 1800
900 x 900 1350 x 750 1500 x 1500 2400 x 1200

Dome & Kerb Measuring

Measure overall dimensions of the opening (length x width). Standard roof opening sizes / dome sizes are detailed below. All domes in the Mardome Ultra range can also be specified to be fixed directly to an existing builders upstand, and where necessary these are supplied with a 'direct fix' adaptor to enable this. An optional Mardome kerb adaptor allows standard size domes to be fitted to non-standard size upstands.

Mardome with Kerb

Mardome Direct Fix Measuring 

Mardome Trade 'Direct Fix' Adaptor

Mardome with Kerb Measuring

Thermal Insulation
Mardome Ultra is available in single, double and triple skin polycarbonation glazed units. Options are available to further improve thermal efficiency include glass inner glazing.  An average rooflight area of 2.2 W/m²K is required to satisfy Part L Building Regulations. To assist compliance with Part L Ariel Plastics recommend installing no less than triple glazed Mardome rooflights which achieve a U-value of 1.8 W/m²K.

Material U-value - centre pane
Double glazed polycarbonate 2.7 W/m²K
Triple glazed polycarbonate 1.8 W/m²K
Argon filled glass inner glazing 0.9 W/m²K

Security Fixings
Mardome Ultra has tamper proof security fixings which are concealed under the aluminium frame for maximum security and complete peace of mind. A secret lock system locks the dome into place providing the highest possible security level and can only be opened with the Mardome security key.

PVC Kerb
The white PVC kerb is designed to be thermally insulating and all cabling is enclosed within on all mains powered opening Mardome Ultras. The robust kerb has an integral clamp to help hold roofing membrane in place for a tidy roof covering finish.

Polycarbonate Glazing 
The resilient polycarbonate glazing has added UV protection for long term performance.

Quality Guaranteed
This product has BBA approval and a 20 year product warranty for complete peace of mind.


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    Mardome Opening Poles

    Pole for manually opening Mardome rooflights

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  • Security_Grills

    Mardome Security Grille

    Metal security grille in white powder coated finish to suit dome size

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